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We are so glad that you decided to check us out! This site was created on the premise that you can look like a fortune without spending one! Ron and I have been in business for about a year, traveling our state and participating in vending events. In our travels, we learned a few things: that there is a HUGE, under-served market for the products that we have here on our site, that people LOVE when they can get quality items at a reasonable price without haggling or being taken advantage of, and that when you address those first two things, the result is happy, long-term, committed customers! It is our goal to provide quality, fun, and fashionable products while keeping the prices affordable. Most items are only $5 plus tax, with even greater deals available in our Bargain Basket. This is the place where High Fashion meets Low Prices! Take a look around, and we are confident that we truly can change the world $5 at a time!

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